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Prize Home Products

Our organisation is dependent on Telesales predominantly to access our markets. Since this is our lifeblood we needed to get more efficient. Targeting our call length and measuring staff performance. Before awarding a contract to Crystal Computers, our Senior Team met with several potential suppliers and closely reviewed their proposals d at their proposals.


Crystal Computer’s demonstrated they had understood our requirements and captured them in a clear and succinct way, happily without baffling us with IT Jargon.

It is just worth noting that before Crystal Computers came on the scene we had several Excel spreadsheets, but no one picture of how our business was performing, since the roll-out of the IT System, we have all our reporting in one place displayed as a Dashboard.


Crystal Computers delivered our system on-time and on budget. Adding value along the way, by training one of our staff to undertake back-ups and amend the reporting criteria as our business moves forward.