Computer repairs

Here is a list of some of the computer repairs we cover:

  • Hardware
  • Data recovery
  • Phone / Tablet
  • Laptops
  • Custom PC’s
  • Software Support
  • Spyware & Malware
  • Printers
  • Data recovery

We cover just about anything computer related, spyware/virus removal, printer issues, phone and laptop screen replacements.

Have you lost precious images or documents? We provide a wide range of recovery solutions for faulty hard drives and also SD cards, memory sticks etc.

Phone / Tablet

From broken screens to faulty batteries we support a wide range of devices.


Broken Screens, Faulty Batteries, Broken Keyboards, Poor Performance? These are some of the common issues that many users experience. If you need assistance with any Laptop issue we are able to help.

Custom PC’s

Are you in the market for a new computer? Many retailers charge a premium for pre-built computers and sometimes It can be frustrating when you can’t find one with the specification you are after.

We build custom computers for our customers, If you know the spec you want we can pre-build your perfect computer at a fraction of the cost.

If you need a computer for a specific task such as video editing or gaming but aren’t so sure of the spec you want we will happily give you friendly advice to build a computer that meets your needs. See our Custom PC page for more information.

Software Support

Installation, errors and compatibility issues? We provide support for a wide range of software, from Windows and Mac based operating systems to Microsoft Office, we can help.

Spyware & Malware

With spyware and malware becoming more common it is important that you make sure your PC is not infected. We provide support to ensure your PC is running safely and at its optimal performance.


Are you in need of a new home / business printer or simply need one installed and configured.